17th Nov, 2018

STRAKS Snapshot 2017-2018

Welcome to the first STRAKS.tech annual review. In what follows, we will provide a brief review, discuss developments and pipeline, and provide some guidance in the form of a roadmap for the project.

Denationalisation of money may not be a primary or overarching goal for STRAKS, but we are indeed purveyors of the ideology of competitively issued decentralised private money that seeks to obfuscate international boundaries, ease wealth transfer and payments, eliminate capital flow restrictions, promote globalisation and simplify exchange of goods and services. The conduit through which the STRAKS project seeks to achieve the aforementioned is its narrow focus on e-commerce; the “language” of (human) commerce is not impeded by culture, religion, tribal politics or arbitrary rules. Commerce is a a timeless notion driving the fluid exchange of tangibles (and intangibles) between individuals worldwide, without discrimination and often circumventing nonsense bureaucratic and insular legislation. Our unchanged vision to establish STRAKS as a valued global medium of exchange for e-commerce continues to frame our on-going strategy.

Your patience and support as a community is much valued. The STRAKS team have not resorted to pump and dump marketing schemes, or bombarded our valued community with random advertising, “get rich quick” schemes, and random call outs. The team maintain their position to promote and drive organic growth, carving out space within the sector for the project, focusing on e-commerce. We remain committed and continue to work to build value for our supporters and establish the STRAKS brand and value proposition.

Please visit our forum for detailed information: https://straks.co/t/straks-tech-snapshot-2017-2018/610