11th Sep, 2018

STRAKS 7 for 7: Edition 9

STRAKS 7 for 7 Weekly Recap

Welcome to the 9th Edition of the STRAKS 7 for 7.

Important Public Service Announcement:
We would like to start out this week’s announcement with a PSA regarding Titan-Masternodes. Titan-Masternodes is being retired on October 5th, If you have any assets pooled on Titan-Masternodes it is important you withdraw them prior to October 5th. The Team behind the shared masternode service has launched a new shared masternode offering that incorporates the best of the Titan-Masternode solution into a new offering called Evo Nodes, the link* is available on the Titan-Masternodes website and Discord. the STRAKS Team does not specifically endorse any masternode service over another, and we would like to remind our community to always do your own research when choosing cryptocurrency solutions to manage their funds. *the actual link was not included on purpose.

Progress on Straks Market continues at a frenzied pace. Buyer/Seller Feedback is in development, and customizable invoices. We’ll post screenshots as soon as we have the artwork finalized.

STRAKS Incubator
We are merging the changes for the Alpha Build of Straks Incubator into the main code base, and preparing for launch. We expect to have sign-ups for Alpha Testers in a couple of days. We will post a link to sign-up to assist with functionality testing, and a run through of the features very soon!

HitBTC Airdrop
The airdrop on HitBTC has hit all the same types of delays and snags as we experienced with the launch of STRAKS on HitBTC. We are doing everything in our power to attempt to get them to actually execute the airdrop. Communication with them has been slow and sporadic.

Malta BlockChain Summit
If you are planning on attending the Malta BlockChain Summit in November, drop a note to Andrew Welc, He will be attending this event, and spreading the word about STRAKS. He would enjoy meeting other STRAKS Community Members that are attending the event.
MALTA BlockChain Summit

Product Updates/Releases in the previous weeks
STRAKS Gate: Insight Article, and resources links can be found here.

Electrum-STAK Wallet 3.1.3 has been released and is available for download.

gitlab repo is located here.
Source Code

Electrum-STAK Merchant Add-on is now available and ready for integration with the current release of Electrum-STAK 3.1.3

gitlab repo is located here:
Source Code

This add-on extends Electrum-STAK to simplify communication with the STRAKS Blockchain allowing merchants to integrate their e-commmerce solution with STRAKS.

SONO Exchange launch has been Delayed. The development team at SONOX.io has released an update on their development log, outlining their progress, and a revised timeframe for the launch of their exchange. STRAKS will be immediately available for trading when they launch. Big thank you to the team at SONO for your support!
Website: https://sonox.io
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2105778.0
BLOG: https://blog.projectsono.io

Other NOTABLE Dates & Releases:
WHMCS Payment Plugin released July 20th, 2018!
The STRAKS plugin for WHMCS is a payment gateway module that allows for STRAKS Payments to be accepted by Web Hosting Providers that utilize WHMCS!

Who is WHMCS?
WHMCS is the #1 Choice in Web Hosting Automation!!

The Plugin is available at: https://lab.straks.co/straks/STRAKS-WHMC-Payment-Gateway

BLOCK DX added support for STRAKS on July 19th, 2018!
Visit BLOCK DX at: https://www.blocknet.co/block-dx/

MyCryptoCheckout integration completed on July 13th, 2018

Let us know if you are a merchant accepting payments through
Get the plugin at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mycryptocheckout/

STRAKS-POS was released on June 2nd, 2018
Github: https://github.com/straks/strakspos

STRAKS Paper Wallet Generator was released on May 20th, 2018

STRAKS Android Wallet was released on May 24th, 2018 and is available on the Google Play Store
Download Wallet . From Google Play.

About The Organization:
STRAKS was founded in November, 2017, the STRAKS cryptocurrency, is a decentralized open-source, community oriented cryptocurrency, that is secured through Proof of Work with Masternode support. STRAKS trades under the symbol STAK. More information regarding STRAKS can be found at https://straks.tech

For press inquiries email: [email protected]

STRAKS Community Links:
Website: https://straks.tech
Twitter: https://twitter.straks.tech/
Facebook: https://facebook.straks.tech/
Discord: https://discord.straks.tech/
Bitcointalk ANN thread: http://tiny.cc/STRAKS
Reddit: https://reddit.straks.tech/
Telegram: https://telegram.straks.tech/
STRAKS Forum: https://straks.co/

STRAKS TOOLS (not mentioned above)
STRAKS Core Wallet:

Other Resources
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/straks/
Masternodes Online: https://masternodes.online/currencies/STAK/
Masternodes Pro: https://masternodes.pro/stats/stak
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/straks
Coinlib: https://coinlib.io/coin/STAK/Straks
Crypto-Coinz: https://www.crypto-coinz.net/coin-info/?100-Straks-STAK-Lyra2v2-calculator/
WhatToMine: https://whattomine.com/coins/240-stak-lyra2rev2