The STRAKS community is rapidly growing across all social media channels. Find a complete list of all of STRAKS community and communication channels below, along with their benefits. That way, you can quickly find exactly what suits your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to the STRAKS community.

All major announcements are released on the official twitter channel. Follow @STRAKStech on Twitter, enable notifications, and be instantly informed of any major movements in the world of STRAKS.

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This is the heart of the community. It is STRAKS’ fastest growing community channel, featuring than 5400+ members. The team is available 24/7 to help you resolve any queries in real-time or if you simply just want to come by for a chat. Suggestions are also welcome here.

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This is the world’s largest cryptocurrency forum. This is where STRAKS’ announcement thread is hosted. Relevant questions will always be answered here and all major announcements are posted here as well. Engage with the Bitcointalk forum community today.

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Should you have questions that can wait with an answer (For example mining or trading related) or you just want to highlight a STRAKS media mention, then the reddit forum provides the perfect platform to suit that purpose.

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Telegram gives users quick and easy updates on their mobile whenever major announcements are made. Subscribe to Telegram today to receive notifications from any time and anywhere in the world.

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Major announcements are always released on Facebook. Should you have a business inquiry, are seeking to learn more, want to find out how to implement STRAKS as a payment solution, or if you simply want to speak to a team member, STRAKS is always available on facebook.

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Slack is the newest addition to the community channels. Similar to Discord, the foundation team is always available for an unsolicited business conversation. We will do our best to ensure a timely response in as close-to real-time as possible.

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Anything goes in the STRAKS forum, whether these are questions directed towards the STRAKS team or the community. This is the perfect place top post supportive content that helps further the community; such as tutorials. All official tutorials are available here; including how to setup a masternode.

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